A letter from our CEO, January 2022

Always forward

Hi humans,

It's been quite the ride since we launched our kickstarting program, literally going from zero to hero.
And that is without any artificial force but pure, genuine and organic growth.

Many projects will fail due to the difficulty that such endeavor actually represents.
But we came prepared, and your trust is justified.

We are co-developing Frontier Game with a word-class studio, taking this project seriously since day one and it shows.
You’ve changed our lives, I'm proud to state that we’ve done the same to you, and we will not stop until your support turns into the best decision you’ve ever made.

You invested yourselves in us because we look like we'll be "something different" - and that’s because we will. There is no doubt. Our resolve is firm and this all just a matter of time and efforts.
It will require patience to reach the end of our roadmap but we will get there, one step after another.

I am certain that you will benefit from our ambition, you've joined a team who cares deeply about its people.

We have already proven our commitment and ambition through action, and we'll always keep improving ourselves until our way of leading becomes a standard beyond the norm.

Thanks again to everyone for the repeated support,
Future is now.